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About Statement Marine Boats

Statement Marine Boats Logo 6101 45th Street North
St. Petereburg, fl 33714
iboats Review of Statement Boats : Manufacturer of Statement Catamaran Boats

Statement is one of the only companies in the business to do simultaneous production of both new v-bottom boats as well as catamaran models. Their engineering team has been hard at work since day one. The monumental progress that they have made is visible in the reliability of their product. These Statement boats are long-lasting, safe, and affordable. This brand likes to remember who keeps them in business; all buye rs are encouraged to customize their boats. Because Statements keeps all of their business under one roof, in one facility, they don't outsource odd jobs to other suppliers. This makes customization simple and easy. It also allows the frontrunners of Statement to keep a close eye on the production of each boat.

Statement allows a lot of options for the customer. This includes upholstery within the boat, hand-carved woodworking, and metal fabrication. Statement has a climate-controlled molding room in their facilities. This allows for post-curing of hulls and deck for that "finer" finish. Buyers will soon realize that Statement is just as excited as their customers when it comes to creating great boats. Their execution of customer's ideas and needs is nearly flawless.

The technology that goes into Statement boats will thoroughly impress. In the new Passion 50 model, engineers have implemented the "Air Cushion" floating cockpit suspension system. This absorbs the impacts of offshore conditions so everyone in the boat remains comfortable. Inside the skeleton of the boat, the entire cockpit is on an auto-leveling suspension system. This is the type of technology that all boaters need to take advantage of. So far, Statement is one of the only manufacturers who takes technology and uses in favor of the customer!

About Express Fisherman Boats

Express Fisherman are smaller than Convertible Fishing Boats and are made for higher speeds. They are well equipped for offshore fishing by being equipped with large open cockpit and fishing areas located towards the rear of the boat. These boats accommodate for short term fishing trips by providing some comforts for an overnight or weekend trip.
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