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About Southport Boat Works Boats

Southport Boat Works Boats Logo 650 River Ave, Po Box 38
South Gardiner, me 04359
iboats Review of Southport Boats: Manufacturer of Southport Fiberglass Offshore Fishing Boats

Southport Boats has been manufacturing fiberglass offshore fishing boats since 1947. These vessels are best known for their superior quality and performance, allowing boaters and fishermen to perform any number of activities, such as fishing, racing, cruising, and so on. Most Southport offshore boats are are center console t-top models, with all of the necessary fishing tools and hardware included. Th e primary goals when building these boats are performance, stability, and long-lasting craftsmanship, all of which are achieved year by year. Closed cell flotation is injected into each of these deep V-hull designs to make the boat more level and buoyant. Simultaneously, manufacturers at Southport apply vacuum infusion technology, which creates stronger laminate materials. Each hull and deck then undergoes an thorough molding preparation process, where the structures are stored in an environment that is temperature controlled. Southport offshore fishing boats are designed by advanced computer programs that help to create a smoother ride and are ultimately very easy to operate and maintain over time.

Southport offshore fishing boats range between 27 and 33 feet in length, and 9 and 10 feet in the beam. These boats are generally constructed with twin Yamaha engines with a maximum of 300 horsepower for each engine, depending on the size of the model. The body of each boat is coated over several times with premium gel coat that is less likely to crack or corrode in the long run, and owners of a Southport offshore fishing boat are given several color options for this gel coat. The hulls are built with Hunt 4 Hull Technology, which combines offshore racing laminates, lightweight composite materials, and deep V-hull designs to create a stronger body. The combined fiberglass and composite materials and complete lack of wood used along with this technology guarantees a lifetime of durability and reliability for each of these offshore vessels.

Southport offers many factory installed accessories, hardware, and cosmetic advantages to further enhance the performance and credibility of their offshore fishing boats. Some of these features include stainless steel hardware and rails, tackle storage compartments, Teleflex steering, transom doors, optional entertainment centers, etc. Boaters and fishermen of all ages will appreciate the quality and extra accommodations of a Southport offshore fishing boat, and will not be disappointed with the experience. Southport manufacturers constantly take every detail into consideration, striving to top their own work year after year.

About Center Console Boats

Center Console lengths vary from 13 . 53 ft and obtained their namesake due to the console that contains the helm being located along the centerline of the boat. Center Consoles are better adapted for offshore fishing and usually use an outboard engine. Due to the open interior of the boat it allows anglers to walk stern to bow with little to no obstacles. Some features can include T-Top Cover which can provide some protection from the elements, rod holders, and live-wells.
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