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About Ski Supreme Boats

Ski Supreme Boats Logo 2047 Grogan Ave
Merced, ca 95341
iboats Review of Supreme Boats: Manufacturer of Supreme Wakeboarding Boats

Supreme Boats has a heavy hand in the wakeboarding industry. Some of the top wakeboarders in the country are sponsored and ride only with Supreme Boats. These boats are incredibly eye-catching and more importantly... perform well! Some of the all new Supreme boats comes with a quick-filling ballast system that fills the liner with water in under a minute. This system is available for wakeboarding as well as wakesurfing . This boat is the largest in it's class and consumers are always amazed at just how spacious the inside of the boat is. This boat is the best buy for your money... it give the performance that the pros want, but won't break an average man's budget.

Supreme boats has clean lines, superior wakes, and incredible comfort. Most of the standardized items on Supreme boats are considered upgrades. The middle-sized Supreme comes with a built-in ice chest, swiveling captain's chair, and digital controls. The deep hull allows for control and precision in any type of water that you may encounter. This boat is capable of cruising and creating a great wake with the flick of a switch. This is such a stellar feature for a tow boat to have!

The newest model made by Supreme, the V226, comes fully equipped with an Altitude Control System. This allows for a better wake for riders. This boat has a triple ballast system with dual rear tanks and bow ballasts. Do customer's have to pay extra for these features? Not a chance! All of it comes standard with the boat. Supreme engineers have also came up with an interesting pickle-fork design for the bow of the boat allowing more friends and family aboard for those crazy weekends on the water!

About Ski Wakeboard Boats

Ski and Wakeboard are typically 19 . 23 ft long and are known to be popular with watersport enthusiasts. Depending on the type of boat you can create a a large wake behind the boat or a flat one. Most of these boats are powered by inboard engines but there are models available that can use an outboard engine.
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