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About Silver Streak Boats

Silver Streak Boats Logo 6864 West Coast Rd
Sooke, bc V9Z 0V2
iboats Review of Silver Streak Boats: Manufacturer of Silver Streak Aluminum Boats

Silver Streak's aluminum boats use the best materials they can find. When it comes to aluminum, electrical components, canvas, paint, and upholstery- Silver Streak wants to use the best. They don't want to create more revenue by using cheap materials and over-charging customers. Their main goal is to make a great quality boat that people can purchase. Silver Streak offers a lifetime warranty on the boat and the y are 100% behind this offer. The people who work at Silver Streak love what they do and they want their customers to be fully satisfied with their product.

Silver Streak lists some advantages of getting their products over competitors. The materials used are higher quality. The aluminum used in the frame of the boats. This material can be customized to fit your needs. The grade of aluminum used is lighter and provides better fuel-efficiency than steel but don't be mistaken! This material is also very durable and resists corrosion. It can also be reconfigured if you ever want to change the style of the boat after you've already purchased it.

Silver Streak does what some other companies forget about which is testing the boat out on the water. They use the boats in the circumnavigation race around Vancouver in 15 hours, fishing 60 miles offshore, or bouncing off rocks on a remote river. These boats are put to the test before they ever reach the customers. Silver Streak puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that boats need to be pushed to the limit. Be sure that when you purchase your new Silver Streak pontoon that it is capable of withstanding the worst of conditions.

About Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Multi-species Boats range from 17 . 23 ft long and hulls are available in aluminum and fiberglass. These boats are often known as walleye or musky boats. They have a higher freeboard, height of a ship's side between the waterline and deck, and deep V-hull helps this boat to navigate through rough, deep waters.
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