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About Silver Marine Boats

Silver Marine Boats Logo 1699 Da Ye Gong Lu
Shanghai, intl
iboats Review of Silver Marine Boats: Manufacturer of Silver Marine Inflatables and Fiberglass Sport Boats

Silver Marine Boats was established in 2002, and its headquarters are currently residing in Shanghai, China. Silver Marine manufactures inflatable boats and sport boats that are made with the strongest existing materials and fabrics. These inflatables and sport boats are best known for their speed, strength, and versatility.The sport boats in particular are built with fiberglass V-hulls t hat are double-molded and hand-crafted with an extensive gluing and sealing process that creates high quality vessels that withstand any condition. The inflatables, which are the primary models sold at Silver Marine, are constructed with a thick fabric layering process that help to improve flexibility, strength, and resistance. The core fabrics used on the inflatables are called Valamex PVC and Hypalon which has a combined 5 year warranty, 2 years for the Valamex PVC and 3 years for the Hypalon.

Silver Marine inflatables undergo a long, efficient construction process by layering four materials together. The top layer begins with colored hypalano, followed by neoprene, adhesion priher, high tenacity textile, and finishing up with a second layer of neoprene. Silver Marine inflatables last longer than many other inflatable boats and can fit anywhere between one and twelve passengers. Additionally, these vessels are built with several useful features that enhance performance and quality. Some of these equipment options include mechanical steering systems, extra carrying handles, a repair kit with a manual, and a hand pump. Boat owners also have the option of installing a bimini top and ordering a custom cover. Silver Marine considers absolutely everything when constructing their inflatables.

Silver Marine includes a few other reasonable warranty plans that cover various components of each inflatable and sport boat. Along with the 5 year warranty on the Valamex PVC and Hypalon fabric, there are is a 2 year warranty on the fiberglass hulls for the sport boats, along with a 1 year warranty on stainless steel hardware and other metal materials and accessories. Silver Marine includes these warranties to further assure boat owners of the durability and credibility of these inflatables and sport boat. These boats are fun for the whole family and guarantee many fun-filled weekends on the water. Silver Marine inflatables and sport boats are strong in structure, comfortable in the interior, and classic in style, and will not fail to impress.

About RIB Boats

RIB otherwise known as a Rigid Inflatable Boat can have a aluminum or fiberglass hull that is attached to to an inflatable outer tubes. RIBs can be propelled by using an paddle or and outboard motor. These boats are known to carry more weight and to be faster opposed to soft floor/deck inflatable boats.
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