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Sanger Boats Logo 3316 East Annadale Ave.
Fresno, ca 93725
iboats Review of Sanger Boats : Manufacturers of Sanger Wakeboarding Boats

Sanger knows how to create the perfect boat. These boats aren't mass produced, they are made one at a time with one individual for the whole process. When boats are mass produced, common mistakes are overlooked as the boat is being passed from person to person. Sanger Boats are built with care in order to last a lifetime. The warehouse is a spacious 10 acre production facility located in southern California; the h eat and humidity create the perfect atmosphere for boat fabrication. All the parts are produced under the same roof as well. These are only a few examples of how Sanger takes pride in their work.

Sanger has aluminum-cast pistons that are formed from a high-silicon alloy. This development is known for its strength and heat-management properties. This type of casting reduces noise-generating potential compared to other high-performance piston materials. These pistons are lighter than steel which means there is less mass creating momentum within the engine. This allows for better fuel efficiency and the ability to create high rpms without lag time. This is only one focal point of many that Sanger has decided to fine-tune for future owners.

Sanger boats are powered by Indmar. They have made several upgrades in recent time to fine-tune that boat performance to new levels. Some of the items they put more thought into includes making stainless steel water lines, head gaskets, fuel injector tips, and fuel rail. This will lengthen the life of the boat and raise the value. They created composite front timing covers for noise reduction and corrosion protection. Everything Sanger adds is for the benefit of the customer.
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