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Chicago, il 60680
iboats Review of RS Sailing Boats : Manufacturer of RS Sailing Sail Boats

RS Sailing Boats introduced their RS CAT16 to North America and the boat has already won two boat-of-the-year accolades by Sailing World Magazine. People who have had the privilege of testing out this impressive sail boat claim that it's stiff for a rotomoulded cat. The RS Sailing engineer team is hard at work to put forth a better product. They have made more concave seats for comfort during the sail. The whole catamar an can be carried by two people effortlessly. The boat comes with a new feature that makes carrying easier. There is a groove carved into each side of the catamaran allowing for hands to get a good grip while pulling the sail boat out of the water. Additionally, these boats comes with a nifty bag that the sail pulls neatly into and out of. This prolongs the life of the sail and customers will never lose their sail.

With some words from people who have purchased RS Sailing's sail boats, these boats come with an option to change the weight of the boat so that lighter sail competitors don't have to change their weight or worry about not doing well in a race because they are lighter. This allows the sailor to have more freedom in the sport. There are few sail boats on the market that come with this option. With all the amenities that this boat provides, sailors are all on an even playing field. Come try some of RS Sailing's boats and you won't be disappointed.

About Dinghies

Dinghy boats are small boats with lengths ranging from 6 . 20 ft. These boats are usually towed or carried by larger boats, like Schooners and Yachts, so the boaters can be able to access the shore with ease. Dinghies can be propelled by oars, small outboard motors, or by sail. More recently they have been made out of synthetic materials but there are models that were made out of aluminum and wood.
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