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Rossiter Boats Logo 2 Terra Drive
Markdale, on N0C 1H0
iboats Review of Rossiter: Manufacturer Rossiter Row Boats, Power Boats, Runabout Boats.

Rossiter Boats opened their doors in 1974 in Markdale, Ontario, Canada. George Rossiter didn't want to follow in the path of his family or friends as doctors or on fast track business, boats were what he wanted to build. Row boats made of wood were what he started with, sleek with beautiful lines that encouraged fitness along with bringing peace. George went on to study boat structure in the nautical w orld. His boat designs increased in function and the all important style lines. Rossiter boats were hand built and then sold. From the wooden construction years the row boats evolved into the fiberglass boats with teak top edging. His boats were known for the smooth flow in the water. Later his innovative additions had other boat manufacturers trying to copy them.

Soon power boats were added under the Rossiter name, boaters tried them out and said, "It really is a Rossiter!" Using the same quality features in what ever line of row boats or power boats he built. Rossiter began to make a name for himself and his boats appeared on a more international level.

Scott Hansen, after studying boat building and design with all the new technological advances, approached Goerge Rossiter. A new page in the Rossiter book was opened as Scott bought the business from George and continued the built by hand way of doing business. Continuing to add to the row boat line and with the industry encouraging more power boats, Scott worked with designers and CAD programs to create and construct a runabout boat. Rossiter Boats continue the same quality in building and materials with all the added advances available in the boating market today. The Rossiter legacy continues.

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