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About River Hawk Boats

River Hawk Boats Logo 1385 Antelope Rd
White City, or 97503
iboats Review of River Hawk Boats: Manufacturer of canoe boats and jon boats

Who likes to go swimming? Well when it comes to a jon boat or canoe, "swimming" is never an activity you want to do or a word you want to use. River Hawk Boats proudly offers a jon boats canoes that give you the stability and durability you expect in a boat. River Hawk Boats are located in Winder, Georgia. If you've ever owned or been in a jon boat, you are familiar with the "jello-under-foot" feel when you stand or m ove on the jon boat. Jon boats are built to be more difficult to tip than a canoe, but they don't instill a "stand-up" confidence in the boater. Jon boats have a reputation of having difficulty planing without an outboard rated for the jon boat's maximum capacity. River Hawk seeks to design a boat to quiet these concerns.

River Hawk Boats takes all the great features of a canoe's design, such as the shallow draft and its ability to easily move in the water, and the best features of jon boats, and puts them together to make a jon boat without the designed flaws that each type of boat usually has. This lets the boat move easily in the water and gives it a lot of room in the boat. All River Hawk Boats are constructed strictly with marine composite materials. There is no wood in River Hawk's jon boats and canoes. This means there is no material that will rot, swell, split, or absorb water. River Hawk Boats takes pride in durability of their jon boats to allow you to make it a family heirloom that you can pass down the family line.

River Hawk Boats also boasts of reverse chines they consolidate into River Hawk's hull design. These reverse chines run the length of the jon boat on the port and starboard sides. Because of River Hawk's hull design in its jon boats and canoes it prevents the boat from rocking side-to-side. This will give you noteworthy stability for standing and walking around your jon boat. This means more comfortable opportunities for fishing, casting a net, hunting, or even poling the jon boat. River Hawk Boats proudly offers a great jon boat or canoe for fishing and hunting at a price you can afford.

About Bass Boats

Bass Boats are small boats ranging between 14 - 23 ft in length and are usually used for freshwater fishing. Their hulls are constructed out of aluminum or fiberglass material and are powered by outboard motors as well as trolling motor mounted on the bow. Some of the features with Bass Boats can include swivel seats that allow the fishermen to fish from almost any angle, plenty of storage to stow rods, gear, and fishing tackle, and live-wells that can be located on the bow or stern deck of the boat.
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