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About Regulator Boats

Regulator Boats Logo Po Box 49, 178 Peanut Drive
Edenton, nc 27932 review of Regulator Marine: Sportsfishing Boat, Center Console Boat, Offshore Boats, Patrol Boat

Consistent and uncompromising in quality Regulator Marine has been building indestructible center console boats since 1988. Since they first started over 25 years ago the promise to their customers to have the most legendary ride has not changed. Using a thorough process of double checking and testing out the boats and parts they manufactures Regulatory ensures their customers that they will get marine engineering perfection in their center console.

A truly legendary ride is is what Regulator assures their customers; whether it's for some serious sport fishing or some epic relaxation out in rough waters. This manufacturer has designed a rough center console that has proven quality, fishability, and top-end performance helps customers to get the most out of their offshoring trips. Not one for cutting corners, Regulator makes it a goal to understand what their customers expectations are and what makes them happy with their boats. This view is also used in their full time customer support, as a company that listens and responds to what their customers preferences are to help them get the best experience.

Regulator designs their boats to be the most reliable boats on the market with out compromising safety or fishabilatiy. To get you that legendary ride you need a legendary boat and Regulatory boats are built to take whatever beating can be thrown at them. The story of the famous Queen Bee made by Regulatory is an excellent example of what you can expect in the quality in your choice of center console from this team of experienced boat craftsmen. Back in 2008 a couple of fishermen were forced off of their Regulator 26 off the coast of Nantucket, and in 2012 the boat washed up off the coast of Spain. A 3.5 year, 3,000 plus mile journey out at sea, and the boat was still seaworthy with key components still in place and only a few broken latches. This type of quality in a center console that will give you that legendary ride is the guarantee that Regulator promises it's customers.

About Center Console Boats

Center Console lengths vary from 13 . 53 ft and obtained their namesake due to the console that contains the helm being located along the centerline of the boat. Center Consoles are better adapted for offshore fishing and usually use an outboard engine. Due to the open interior of the boat it allows anglers to walk stern to bow with little to no obstacles. Some features can include T-Top Cover which can provide some protection from the elements, rod holders, and live-wells.
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