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About Pro-Steelheader Boats

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iboats Review of Pro-Steelheader Boats: Manufacturer of Aluminum Drift and Sport Boats

Pro-Steelheader Boats focuses on three main ambitions to make their boats the best in quality: performance, comfort, and strength. Pro-Steelheader manufactures seven styles of drift boats and sport boats ranging between 17 and 21 feet in length with beams that range between 79” and 100” in width. The hulls are a Vee bottom design and are completely welded together and are built with higher bows and gunwales. Each drift and sport boat is made with strong aluminum materials and a girded stringer system. Pro-Steelheader drift and sport boats are built for cruising and fishing, depending on the model, are able to withstand the harshest weather and environment conditions. These vessels are designed to last a lifetime and operate on prop or jet power.

The various drift and sport boat models at Pro-Steelheader come with different built-in accessories and equipment. The larger sport boats are often constructed with swim platforms and fish boxes for boaters who would like to have the option to go fishing. Each Pro-Steelheader boat is built with wider beams and more interior deck space to allow more room for passengers to fish, move around, or lounge as they please. Some of the deck and sport boat models are also built with offshore brackets and are primarily built with Honda or Yamaha engines that range between 50 to 115 horsepower. Additionally, every Pro-Steelheader boat is constructed with all kinds of hardware that help boaters to feel safer and more comfortable, such as stainless steel bow and stern rails, galvanized trailers, rod grippers, anchor release with anchor rope, and oars with oar locks.

Along with the factory-installed hardware, Pro-Steelheader has several furniture and canvas options. Specifically, the sport boat models are built with bimini top canvasses with drop-down side curtains. Additionally, certain Pro-Steelheader boats are built with custom-made Rivermaster seats with armrests and 36" bench seats. These drift and sport boats are designed for the best in luxury and style, helping boaters to feel more at home on the water. Pro-Steelheader manufacturers make sure to let future boat owners feel involved in the construction process so that their drift or sport boat is designed exactly the way they prefer. These boats are strong in build and comfortable in the deck space, and will last for several years.

About Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Multi-species Boats range from 17 . 23 ft long and hulls are available in aluminum and fiberglass. These boats are often known as walleye or musky boats. They have a higher freeboard, height of a ship's side between the waterline and deck, and deep V-hull helps this boat to navigate through rough, deep waters.
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