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Powerquest Boats Logo 170 West Election Road
Draper, ut 84020
History of Powerquest Boats

During the summer of 1978, on beautiful Hess Lake in western Michigan, Todd Kamps and Kevin Hirdes became acquainted when they discovered that they both enjoyed water skiing. Almost immediately, a friendship developed that extended beyond their skis.

Several years later, Todd was working for a marine yacht manufacturer in Grand Haven, Michigan. In his spare time he began designing, building and testing an 18' fiberglass sport boat. Once Kevin caught wind of the pr oject he lent a hand with the finishing touches. After countless hours of testing to see how well the boat performed, Todd and Kevin began talking about forming their own business. A company that would produce high performance sport boats.

From day one, August 16, 1983, Todd and Kevin kept their focus on what it would take to be successful: Do not compromise on quality; use the best raw materials available; build each boat as if it was for yourself; and surround yourself with quality people who share your vision.

PowerQuest is dedicated to continuous improvement with the use of the latest high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. The product line continues to grow each year with new and evolving models. From our proven stepped hulls to our ergonomically configured helms, PowerQuest is constantly pursuing innovative ideas, designs and products. "Good" just won't cut it. We build each boat by hand, one by one, to give you the high level of performance you demand. We've spent thousands of man hours on research, development and testing to give you the best handling boats on the water today.

Speed is the most measurable ingredient of performance, however it is just one of many traits that make up the Performance of a boat. Performance starts from the inside out,. Design, Technology and Craftsmanship are key components in the performance of all our boats. We here at PowerQuest are proud to be one of the global forerunners on manufacturing quality boats with service...service...service as our main priority.


PowerQuest has taken performance to a new high with the introduction of our high performance step bottoms on all our performance series boats. PowerQuests' step bottom boat is faster than a comparable V-bottom boat with the same power. While there are many stepped hulls in the industry that have proven to be ineffective, PowerQuest has spent thousands of man hours on research and field development to ensure and establish world acceptance as the safest and best handling boats on the market today.


PowerQuest is on the leading edge of fiberglass technology advancement in the marine industry. All PowerQuest boats utilize gel coat, resins, knitted fiberglass, Coremat, and balsa coring. These materials are the best of the best. From our state-of-the-art pain booth to hand laminating, our objective is to provide the market with the finest built, best performing boats on the water.


PowerQuest has a time-proven reputation for building the finest performance boats and cruisers in the industry. That is because many of the craftspeople here at PowerQuest have lifelong marine manufacturing careers and are driven and dedicated to design and produce the most refined watercraft available. You can see the craftsmanship in all our hulls, powerplants, helms, bolster seats, galleys, cabins, heads, electronics and much... much... more! Once you see and feel the difference, you will know that PowerQuest is the boat of choice.
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