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Portland Pudgy Boats Logo 200 Anderson St
Portland, me 04101
iboats Review of Portland Pudgy Boats: Manufacturer of Polyethylene Dinghy Boats

Portland Pudgy Boats was established by David Hulbert near Portland, Oregon. Portland Pudgy manufactures dinghy boats that can be used in many different scenarios, and are particularly useful as yacht tenders. Boaters will find that these dinghy boats are exceedingly safe vessels and perform well as sailboats, rowboats, motorboats, and fishing boats. These dinghy boats are structurally strong, molded with strong p olyethylene components and filled with closed-cell foam between the hull and the deck floor. The manufacturers consider these boats to be an upgrade on inflatable boats, with more strength, durability and space. Portland Pudgy boats are designed with higher levels of buoyancy so passengers can easily stand and walk around on the non-skid surfaces of each model. These vessels create an entirely new standard and expectation for safe, reliable dinghy boats.

Portland Pudgy includes many useful standard features with each dinghy boat they build. Each boat is built with a motor mount in case the boat owner would like to have the option of installing a small outboard engine on the transom. Every dinghy vessel is built to hold at up to three passengers with hand holds on both sides of the boat and plenty of storage space. Portland Pudgy also includes oarlock sockets and fishing rod holders on both sides for those who would like to go fishing. Furthermore, Portland Pudgy dinghy boats include removable aluminum retaining plates, drain plugs, and towing bridle harnesses.

There are also many optional features that Portland Pudgy offers for their dinghy boats that enhance the overall performance and durability. As far as fabric options, boat owners may invest in a custom boat cover or an exposure canopy. There are also boarding ladders available, along with navigation lighting, solar panels, bailing pumps, anchors, and so on. Portland Pudgy considers every option when it comes to creating dinghy boats that will withstand any condition, ceasing to leave out any detail that would make their vessels less than safe. Boaters will be pleased with the long-lasting structure and the considerable amounts of space. Portland Pudgy dinghy boats are undoubtedly great vessels for a mellow, relaxing day of cruising, sailing, or fishing.
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