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About Panga Craft Boats

Panga Craft Boats Logo 4460 W Mitchell Ave
Cincinnati, oh 45232
iboats Review of Panga Craft Boats: Manufacturer of Panga Craft Fiberglass Fishing Boats

Panga Craft Boats was established in 1970 and has been consistently building sturdy, reliable vessels since then. There are are several different models, such as center consoles or cabins, that are constructed with the strongest fiberglass materials and other strong components. Panga fishing boats are unique in appearance as well as mechanical design, with their original concept of molding in what is known as a "delta pad" into their hull. As opposed to other fishing boat models that are built with V-hulls, Panga fishing boats are built with a more flat hull, with the delta pad extending about an inch out in the center of the hull. The delta pad helps the boat to plane faster and reduces friction, making the ride smoother in rough waters; it also improves fuel efficiency and causes the engine to perform more effortlessly with less horsepower. Additionally, having a flat hull for this particular boat grants the captain more steering control. Panga brings a whole new meaning of "fishing boats" to the table, diligently seeking to top their own progress year after year.

Ranging between 16 and 30 feet in length, each fishing boat is built with a higher bow for fishing purposes. Fish are primarily caught in gil nets on a Panga boat, thus requiring the higher bow to aid in pulling multiple fish into the boat at once with less chances of the bow being pulled into the water. Panga Craft also offer numerous optional features that can be added for improvement. Some of these features include additional gel coat colors, a stainless steel hardware and step ladders, and a boat trailer. There are also integrated bait livewells and plenty of floor space and storage for fishing rod holders and other tools. Panga takes every detail into consideration, expecting nothing but the best from the fishing boats they manufacture.

Panga fishing boats are luxurious, comfortable vessels that are solid in engineering. Those who are seeking to purchase a fishing boat would be wise to consider a Panga boat with the many cosmetic and electrical advantages it possesses. These boats are perfect for a family weekend or spontaneous getaway weekend with friends. Whether you are fishing would like to simply cruise around for the day, Panga fishing boats do it all.

About Bay Boats

Bay Boats lengths vary from 18 . 24 ft and are typically made of fiberglass. These boats are best suited for more shallow waters near large bays, deltas, or areas near the shore. Bay Boats can carry 2 . 6 people depending on the max load and any additional gear. Some features can include rod holders, storage for fishing tackle, live wells, and Bimini(s).
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