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Ocean Alexander Boats Logo 1115 N. Northlake Way, Suite 100
Seattle, wa 98109
iboats Review of Ocean Alexander Marine: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Luxury Yachts

Ocean Alexander Marine is one of the most prosperous and environmentally safe yacht manufacturers in the boating industry. These luxury yachts are advanced in engineering designs and structural stability, constructed with the highest quality fiberglass and other materials. The hulls of these fiberglass vessels are lined with Aluminum I-beams, providing more strength than wood and adding more reliability and contr ol. Furthermore, Ocean Alexander Marine emphasizes carbon fiber reinforcement, consisting of strong, light-weight materials in specified areas of the hull such as the tops of the stringers. This is a particularly efficient construction method for enhancing durability and overall performance. Ocean Alexander Marine luxury yachts are also constructed with Solid Hull Bottom designs, which is built entirely out of fiberglass and injected foam for guaranteed stability and safety.

Ocean Alexander Marine manufacturers do not hold back any details when designing their luxury yachts; their main goal is to design a vessel that will perform at its best and will safely carry several passengers for many years to come. As previously mentioned, these luxury yachts are built to protect the environment, while simultaneously giving off a performance that has more power and speed. Environmental preservation is a major concern at Ocean Alexander Marine, yet it does not in any way take away from its overall performance. These luxury yachts range between 72 and 155 feet in length, and are designed with advanced computer simulated programs and undergo an extensive testing process in condition controlled environments. All of these construction methods combined create more lift on the hulls and contribute to a longer life expectancy on each yacht.

Apart from being architecturally reliable, Ocean Alexander yachts are exquisite in interior design. The wooden furnishing is created from rare wood imported from New Zealand, allowing the various pieces of furniture, cabinets, and counter-tops to last longer and give off a more attractive look. Ocean Alexander lines this rare woodwork with fine cedar lining to further enhance its look. Additionally, these luxury yachts include hi-tech appliances and electronic equipment as standard features that would otherwise be offered as optional products through other manufacturers, including entertainment centers with the latest technology. Ocean Alexander yachts are structurally safe and reliable, and unique in interior design. Yacht owners will continue to be impressed by the quality and performance of these vessels in the years to come.
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