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Nu Canoe Boats Logo 2125 Humboldt St
Bellingham, wa 98225
iboats Review of Nu Canoe Boats: Manufacturer of Fishing and Hunting Canoes

Nu Canoe was established in 2006 and currently resides in Bellingham, Washington. Their canoes are designed for fishing, hunting, and cruising on any body of water, no matter if it is fresh water or salt water. Every model is constructed with the strongest forms of plastic and is built for great performance and stability. Fishers and hunters who purchase a Nu Canoe boat have the freedom to customize and personalize the ir model to accommodate their needs on the water. Among the advantages that can be added to these canoes (specifically canoes designed for hunting) is a removable blind that connects to the back of the boat and further assists in creating a camouflage. Nu Canoe boats are excellent in any condition and are versatile in maneuverability as well as style.

Certain Nu Canoe models are built with extra floor space to make room for tools and other necessary items. The fishing canoes allow more room for fish, fishing rod holders, and tool boxes, while the hunting models allow more space for hunters to bring their dogs, gear, and decoys. Depending on the model, these canoes are built to hold between one to two people. Additionally, boaters are able to safely stand up in their canoes and navigate through hard-to-access areas while fishing or hunting, without needing to worry about instability or inability to steer. The boats constructed at Nu Canoe are built by fellow boaters and rafters who pay great attention to detail and consider everything fishermen and hunters may require in a canoe.

Nu Canoe succeeds every year in building new, reliable canoes that will guarantee enjoyable days of fishing, hunting, or paddling on the water. Canoes are rarely built with the strong balance and resources like the ones at Nu Canoe. While the number of passengers for these boats may be limited, the entertainment value is endless. These canoes will perform well in many conditions and environments, constantly reassuring fishermen and hunters nationwide that they made the right decision in purchasing a Nu Canoe boat.
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