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About Mochi Craft

Thinking back to the remarkable Fifties, when the simple pleasures of the sea became the art of a way of life, the lobster boat immediately come to mind as an authentic symbol representing the style of an age.

Boats had a simple elegance; they were status-symbols loved by the most prominent people of the period, such as John F. Kennedy.

Mochi Craft has chosen to retrace that unique atmosphere and recapture it an unmistakeable Italian style. Mochi Craft has created a capti vating fleet awakening the senses of those with a true passion for the sea.


Those who truly love the sea do not settle for a boat simply because it allows you to sail in extreme comfort. You also wish to experience all the emotions the sea can offer with as much intensity as possible.

This is why Mochi Craft chose to reawaken the spirit of the traditional lobster style boat – the vessel that truly conveys a the unique harmony with the sea. The gentle rounded shapes, its unexpected spaces together with cutting-edge technology allow for an unrivaled onboard lifestyle. Italian style, taste and design influence each individual detail of the re-interpretation, pushing emotions beyond all limits.

~Design & Style

The sheer genius of Studio Victory Design, in close partnership with Ferretti Group, has led to the use of lines and shapes which intensify the emotional experience at sea;
an elegant sophisticated vintage style heightened by a range of hues and shades of colour that recall the fragrance of the Mediterranean.

The flowing sinuous Deep V hull and large cockpit create a unique relationship with the sea. The wood and leatherwork enhance a sense of purity and naturalness whilst the absence of corners and angles make the Mochi Craft unique in their class. After all, those who take their style and class out to sea are used to being noticed on land, too.


Every model is a joint creation among Norberto Ferretti, Studio Victory Design and the Ferretti Group Engineering division; an exclusive synergy developed to create something truly unique which will be a miles tone in the history of yachting.

Mochi Craft offers the pleasure of sailing in maximum comfort and safety thanks to a series of technological assets that only a nautical group of size and importance can guarantee.

The Anti-Rolling Gyro System stabilisers are an example. Developed in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, they are able to reduce rolling by over 50% and, as a consequence, significantly improve the quality of life aboard the craft. Furthermore, the Computational Fluid Dynamics system allows testing the hull’s seakeeping and sea-faring qualities to be carried out before the craft actually touches water. Last but not least, all Mochi Craft lobster boats fully comply with EN ISO 14509 environmental and safeguard regulations against air and sound pollution. Because we know that the greatest emotions are awakened when outstanding design is matched by flawless technical performance.

~Mochi Today

Mochi Craft is part of the Ferretti group, which boasts the most prestigious names worldwide in yachting. Mochi Craft is a leader in the, production, sales and marketing of 44-74-foot lobster boat style motor yachts. Mochi Craft: each and every day a journey in search of unique emotions.
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