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About Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts Logo PO Box 666
Ajman, intl
iboats Review of Majesty Yachts: Manufacturer of Motor Yachts, Mega Yachts and SUPER Yachts

Majesty Yachts has been in business for over 30 years, striving to satisfy the needs of their customers. One of the main goals at Majesty is to build their boats reflecting the personality of the customer, designing and decorating it to their particular taste. With every new yacht they build, they are sure to be consistent and committed in constructing safe and fashionable models. No matter what the cus tomer's preference is, these yachts will meet every individual's personal taste. If taken care of properly, Majesty yachts will last as if they are in new condition for several years.

Along with being mechanically sturdy, Majesty Yachts takes the time to decorate the interior of their yachts. A person can experience the comfort of their own home inside a Majesty yacht, with fully furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. Plumbing and electricity are also available inside these yachts, creating a literal home environment on the water. Additionally, Majesty installs high quality navigation systems in each boat, making the experience for the driver smoother and more enjoyable. Majesty yachts are built with excessive amounts of deck space with a wide open bow, allowing passengers to roam around as they please.

There are a variety of models and sizes available divided into two main categories, the yacht collection and the superyacht collection. The primary difference between these two boat styles is the size. The customer may choose what they would like between yachts that between 55 and 90 feet, or a longer superyacht, which measures over 100 feet to a mega 155 feet in length. Both yacht collections, regardless of size and depth, will create great memories and bonding experiences among families and friends.

Majesty yachts works harder than most boat manufacturers to create yachts that will guarantee a safe, smooth cruise along the waters. They also make great effort to make sure their boats are authentic in design, both on the exterior and interior. You can personalize your boat to look exactly the way you would like it because Majesty yachts thrives on pleasing their customers and ensuring that they will be satisfied for many years to come.

About Mega Yachts

Mega Yachts are 100+ ft long and tend to have more then one tender boats onboard. These boats are very expensive, usually privately owned, and professionally crewed. This can either be a sailboat or powered by an onboard engine.
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