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About Legend USA Boats

Legend USA Boats Logo 117 Dillard Drive
Midway, ar 72651
At Legend Boats in Midway, Arkansas, we strive each and every day to build you the finest bass boat on the water. From the meticulous master craftsmen who build our boats with over three hundred years of combined experience to the eight-gusseted transom that is built stronger than any transom in existence, through our hard work and dedication we strive to keep things perfect at each and every step of the build process to make sure every Legend that leaves our factory is the strongest, most well finished boat, ever.

Being a custom builder allows us to put more time into each individual boat and ensure its perfection. For instance, while our boats are upside down in the mold, we take the time to thoroughly sand down and finish off any rough edges or areas of jagged fiberglass. This ensures that while you�re digging far into a compartment or reaching into the depths of your engine box to re-rig a battery or change a pump, you�ll stay clean and free of fiberglass splinters and bloody hands. It�s a simple process on our end, but something you�ll come to love once owning your Legend for some time.

On the top of the boat, in areas other companies use black nonskid or molded plastic as band-aids to cover design flaws or finish issues, these areas on our boats are constructed of solid fiberglass and finished off with the deepest, most glossy gel and flake finish attainable in the industry. Inspection of any Legend Boat will reveal that there is no use of wavy plastic carpet trim, plastic drop-in storage boxes, or any other type of cheap components so commonly found in our industry. We use only the finest materials and components to craft the finest machines on the water.

Something as simple as the engine compartment �the compartment most manufacturers roughly finish off and fill with all of your pumps, chargers, oil and fuel tanks �we take to the extra mile. To start, we use the engine box as the third piece in a three-piece system joining our hull to the top cap in the build process. This third piece ties together the stringers, transom, hull, and top cap into one solid unit; thus the solidity of our boat and the way it feels as one in the roughest water. And since that engine compartment is in it�s separate mold, we take the time to finish it off with gelcoat just like the exterior of the boat, so not only is it the most aesthetically pleasing engine box in the world, it is incredibly easy to keep clean and makes maintenance effortless.

In turn with building Legend boats, we are committed to the sport that surrounds them. We support countless organizations and tournament trails across the globe and are ever-expanding in this arena. We realize tournament bass fishing is our livelihood, and we are committed to doing our part to support it.

The aforementioned list of differences could go on for pages, but in person, it�s immediately noticeable the way our boats are designed, built, and finished in a way that truly connects form and function. We feel that if you�ll take the time to thoroughly look over, into, and around a Legend Boat, you�ll see what makes us different �what sets us apart from the rest. We don�t mass-produce boats, we build boats. Bass boats. The best bass boats.

About Bass Boats

Bass Boats are small boats ranging between 14 - 23 ft in length and are usually used for freshwater fishing. Their hulls are constructed out of aluminum or fiberglass material and are powered by outboard motors as well as trolling motor mounted on the bow. Some of the features with Bass Boats can include swivel seats that allow the fishermen to fish from almost any angle, plenty of storage to stow rods, gear, and fishing tackle, and live-wells that can be located on the bow or stern deck of the boat.
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