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About Lake Assault Boats

Lake Assault Boats Logo 1 Clough Ave.
Superior, wi 54880
iboats Review of Lake Assault Boats : Manufacturer of Lake Assault Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Lake Assault boats pride themselves in the fact that they have what many other boat manufacturers lack: options! Lake Assault believes their products to be completely customizable. They make each vessel one-by-one. None of these boats are "mass produced". To add icing on the cake, these boats are tested on the waters of Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Assault creates fi re, air, rescue/dive, work, patrol, and best of all, fishing boats!

Each of Lake Assault's boats have to pass not only the high standards held by the company, but the rigorous safety standards held by naval organizations. They are required to be reliable and tough in shaky conditions. These are the boats that we rely on when we've reached danger on the open water. For most people, our lives rely on the performance of these boats. Lake Assault boats can withstand that kind of responsibility.

Lake Assault is not always about business, they make a line of fishing boats for outdoor enthusiasts. The no-nonsense layout of these boats is the perfect niche for expert anglers. These boats are just as customizable as the rescue boats. These boats can be made to your exact specifications. Whether you're on a solo fishing trip or out with the family, this boat will meet all your expectations.

About Utility Boats

Utility boats are usually 12 . 20 ft long and are well versed for tough use. They are best used for inland lakes and other shallow waters which makes the perfect for freshwater fishing. Utility boats are made out of aluminum and they are usually light which helps with transporting.
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