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About Lagoon Boats

Lagoon Boats Logo 162 Quai De Brazza
Bordeaux Cedex, intl CS81217
iboats Review of Lagoon Catamarans: Manufacturer of Catamarans and Cruising Sailboats

Lagoon catamarans are built on three guiding principles to help their customers best: good design, high-quality construction, and better-than-average performance. If you are looking for a multi-hull racing boat, Lagoon has been building the best for over 30 years. They are unrivaled in their experience of building quality multi-hull catamarans with solid yacht-style construction, and an unparalleled loading c apacity without interfering with the performance. With a sea-faring multi-hull that is built to last, Lagoon designs their keels to be completely isolated from the hull so that if you beach or careen into a reef or ground, whether intentional or unintentional, you will not sink. To ensure that your catamaran will cut cleanly through the water Lagoon builds their hulls to match up symmetrically so you will get an identical flow rate on either side.

Recognized as one of the best catamaran manufacturers out there, Lagoon has made it's name in many different projects. Among these acknowledgements are winning the 2010 America's Cup and in a special request to build the multi-hull boat used by Kevin Costner's character from the 1995 film Waterworld. Avalon made a break-thru in 2003 by becoming the world leader in the construction of cruising catamarans. Based out of Bordeaux France, Avalon's multi-hull boats are proud to meet the rigorous standards set by CE, an NMMA European certification process similar to Americas ABYC. To guarantee less slamming than it's competitors while at sea, Lagoon features bridge decks located high above the water for your comfort and safety.

Lagoon is a pioneer in the field of generating and storing energy. A classic problem with other catamarans and cruising sailboats is their inability to generate and store energy. Lagoon makes use of renewable energy by using flexible solar panels in various strategic points on the boat. The electrical systems on a Lagoon catamaran are in strict compliance with and even exceed the CE standards for the quality of cables and panels for your electrical needs. Using the Eco-responsible Alpi Wood for all of it's furniture panels and partitions, Lagoon multi-hull boat owners have peace of mind in using a high-quality reconstituted wood. With a world class catamaran that will guarantee quality, comfort, and safety, Lagoon will meet all of your multi-hull sea exploration needs.

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