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Santa Ana, ca 92799 Reviews Kawasaki Watersports: Manufacturers of Kawasaki Jet Ski, Personal Watercrafts(PWC)

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. started business in 1966 manufacturing motorcycles. Kawasaki realized that the public wanted more excitement, so they stepped right up and started to produce faster and more challenging rides, quickly gaining a reputation for high performance fun. By 1973, Kawasaki diversified into other lines and pioneered a watersport line of personal watercrafts(PWC). Now based in Southern Californa(CA), Kawasaki jet skis are an exciting part of the watersport industry. They took the concept of a motorcycle and put it on the water. Personal watercrafts seating one person bursted onto the playing field, extending that high performance fun to new venues. Now jet skis are able to seat three, and the driver is able to stand up and drive. Racing came into the picture quickly as Kawasaki is known for high performance innovation.

Kawasaki's philosophy is one of "Good Times" for their customers, dealers and employees. They want to provide an exciting time for you to enjoy all their different models of Jet Ski watercrafts. Since speed is one of the exciting aspects of watersports, Kawasaki offers some different engines with different levels of power. Using the good, better, best rate of comparison, supercharged power is about as awesome as it comes. Engines made by Kawasaki for the jet skis are four stroke, four cylinder engines with around 300hp and then the supercharged offers around 310hp, so you can choose the jet ski model that provides the power that you desire.

Kawasaki uses hull designs with a deep v, which gives deep leaning angles for handling the jet ski as it cuts through the water while deflecting the spray away from the riders. A new fabric is now offered for the seat cover that helps to keep the temperature cooler than previous models, increasing the comfort on hot days. Kawasaki offers cruise control to ease the no wake zone speeds, keeping at an even 5mph. Storage is also an important consideration and is located under the hood. Jetsound, the latest in audio technology for jet skis, enhances the jet ski experience with the speakers below the handlebars and controls for the sound set into the handlebars. That isn't all; the jet ski is powerful enough that it can pull skiers and wakeboarders.

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Tenders are boats used to service larger ships by transporting passengers and provisions to other vessels or the shore. These are used for a variety of reasons when it is not possible or convenient to dock the main boat. Tenders come in a variety of styles and sizes dependent on the size of the boat it services. Tenders can be common inflatables or high powered .yacht tenders. with multiple engines.
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