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About Hobie Cat Boats

Hobie Cat Boats Logo 4925 Ocreanside Blvd
Oceanside, ca 92056 Reviews Hobie Cat Boats: Manufacturer of Hobie Cat boats, Kayaks, Sailboats, and Sups.

In 1950, Hobie Cat Company started business in the garage of Hobie Alter's home making surf boards out of balsa wood. By 1954, his father wanted the shaving and resin out of his garage and helped Hobie move to a shop in Oceanside, California(CA). Soon balsa wood became harder to obtain, so Hobie started researching new materials to use instead. He and a friend, Gordon "Grubby" Clark, invented a po lyurethane foam surfboard, which is now what is used in the industry for all surfboards. As time went on the, Hobie developed the Hobie Cat, which is based on the Polynesian style twin-hull catamaran. He made a fast, lightweight, and easy play boat that was fun to sail and easy to maneuver. Hobie started with a 14' HobieCat and later added 16' and 19' Cats. These cats revolutionized the sailboating industry while still focusing on Hobie's original vision of having fun.

With an interest in kayaks, Hobie started to experiment by creating a twist and stow rudder, which could be used as needed, and putting on foot petals, where the paddles can attach to the side of the kayak. Hobie developed a design with a tri-hull for more stability and increased performance. The round shape of the hull also created less resistance allowing for a speedier, less noisy run. Some of the kayak line features built in transducers and storage compartment in the bow, which makes it a great fishing boat.

Hobie created the Standup Paddleboard, Sup, which is a surfboard redesigned to stand up and paddle. Hobie is all about developing new ways to have fun and enjoy the time on the water. Limited only by his imagination, Hobie created a line of paddleboards for racing that uses the CAD technology to shape the board. It is then hand finished to provide top quality and give the ultimate performance possible. The recreation paddleboards combine features so they can be used to race, tour and travel long distances. These Sups can take you almost anywhere and in different conditions. Touring paddleboards also combine the racing features so that they are fast in any condition. They have the stability that inspires confidence and helps to maintain the forward motion between changing paddle strokes. The surf line of Sups is great for flat waters of the harbor as well as riding the waves. Hobie invites you to "Have a Hobie Day."

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