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About Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts Logo 110 North Glenburnie Rd.
New Bern, nc 28560
iboats review of Hatteras Yachts: Manufacturer of Hatteras Yachts

Willis Slane opened Hatteras Yachts in 1959 in High Point, North Carolina(NC). Slane wanted a boat to fish for Marlin off of Cape Hatteras and needed a fishing boat to be strong and sturdy enough to weather the waves. Slane hired Jack Hargrave, a well known marine architect, to develop the first Hatteras Yacht. 1960 saw the first Hatteras Yacht, a 41 ft cabin sport fisherman made of fiberglass. In 1967, Hatteras moves their yacht building operation to New Bern, NC and is still today building yachts there.

Creating an American Classic, Hatteras Yachts developed hull designs to create a better, smoother ride. Hatteras worked with convex and modified-V hulls to create a improved design than the deep-v or the flat bottom boat hulls that would give the best features of both hulls. These hulls became known as the "Hatteras Ride", cutting sharp into the water with a ride that was more stable and softer than they had experienced before. Later the hull was equipped with a double chinned step out to break up the spray and widened the beam on top of the water. The change also influenced more space on the inside and dryer cruising.

Another innovation from Hatteras was developing a 6 and 7 blade prop custom built to provide the performance Hatteras was looking for. The propellers balanced the weight of the yacht and helped to even out the load and reduce noise, cavitation and vibration while at the same time provided a better fuel economy. With attention to detail, Hatteras designed and built the interiors with elegant and beautifully crafted workmanship to create the pampered, comfortable living experience to match the exterior of their yachts.

About Mega Yachts

Mega Yachts are 100+ ft long and tend to have more then one tender boats onboard. These boats are very expensive, usually privately owned, and professionally crewed. This can either be a sailboat or powered by an onboard engine.
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