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About Gregor Boats

Gregor Boats Logo 3565 N. Hazel Ave
Fresno, ca 93722
iboats Review of Gregor Welded Boats: Manufacturer of Gregor Welded Aluminum Boats, Fishing Boats, Fish and Ski, WT Windshield Boats, Side Console Boats~

The year is 1964 and the aluminum boat industry had just welcomed a new a manufacturer into the world in Gregor Welded Boats. When Gregor Welded Boats opened up for business they introduced an all-welded aluminum boat, constructed by utilizing their own "thermotrol welding system". This patented process was founded by the founder George Grego ry. While the all-welded aluminum boats prove to be the best way to build one for durability, there is more to it than that. A well-designed aluminum boat is a superior vessel. That's what Gregor Welded Boats offers is not only the durability but the design. They want to build an aluminum boat that is built to last and that hasn't changed since its opening in 1964.

Gregor Welded Boats are about quality when it comes to their aluminum boats. They remain committed to building the highest quality aluminum boat available. Before production begins on each model, they are fully tested for performance, endurance, and appearance. Gregor Welded Boats only uses the highest quality of material when manufacturing your next aluminum boat. Gregor Welded Boats also has a quality control program which requires a full inspection on each aluminum boat at every stage of the production process. They take pride in their craftsmanship in each model they build. What does this mean? It means that you receive the highest quality product available on the market.

Each model offered by Gregor Welded Boats has certain features and options that makes things easier for you as a fisherman. Each feature and option will depend on the model. Some standard features though are things like an automatic bilge pump, a livewell, built-in fuel system for with your outboard, and many other features. You can pick and choose which options you would like at the time of building your aluminum boat to meet your expectations. Some of these options on your next Gregor Welded vessel include pedestal chair, swivel chair, oarlock rings, mounting brackets for accessories, and other options that are non-factory installed but are owner installed options. With a boat company that is 40 years old you know you're getting a manufacturer that has withstood the test of time and is able to continue to manufacture a quality aluminum boat. Gregor Welded Boats set out to build one of the best and remain committed to that goal.

About Bass Boats

Bass Boats are small boats ranging between 14 - 23 ft in length and are usually used for freshwater fishing. Their hulls are constructed out of aluminum or fiberglass material and are powered by outboard motors as well as trolling motor mounted on the bow. Some of the features with Bass Boats can include swivel seats that allow the fishermen to fish from almost any angle, plenty of storage to stow rods, gear, and fishing tackle, and live-wells that can be located on the bow or stern deck of the boat.
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