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Glacier Bay Boats Logo 1090 West Saint James St.
Tarboro, nc 27886 review of Glacier Bay Boats: Manufacturer of Catamaran Boats, Center Console Boats, Cuddy Cabin Boats, Cruiser Boats

Since 1986, Glacier Bay has been looking to provide a quality seaworthy boat for it's customers. Whether you are venturing off to some distant isle or you just want to take the family out for the day, you can count on Glacier Bay's long history of solid seaworthy experience to assure safety with their Catamarans. Over the past 25 years, Glacier Bay has concentrated on perfecting the concept of a high-speed, displacement hull. No other major builder has the experience and technology to build boats with Glacier Bay's smooth ride and extraordinary sea keeping ability. This means Glacier Bay catamaran owners can travel at high speeds, even in severe sea conditions. Tests using an accelerometer compared these boats to other monohulls; the catamarans provided a 60 percent reduction in peak impact loads when it crosses a three-foot boat wake at 31 mph.

At high speeds, the Glacier Bay displacement hull slices through the water by traveling with the shape of the waves rather than speeding over them and experiencing reentry shock. This results in a stable and smooth ride that you and your crew will find hard to believe. Soon, those tough sea conditions may become something you'll perversely look forward to because your catamaran has the style other boats can’t match. The structural build of layers of fiberglass are strategically applied in water shock areas. Excess resin is painstakingly removed from the laminate using squeegees to ensure proper glass-to-resin ratios. As an added measure of strength against extreme sea conditions, layers of thick, 36-oz woven glass are applied in the catamaran hull bottoms. After the gel coat color is applied to the molds, layers of fine mat are applied before the structural build up follows. This "skin coat" assures your Glacier Bay will always retain the smooth surface of the polished mold.

Glacier bay was started in Washington, so they were able to make sea worthy boats capable of handling the Harsh Pacific Northwest and conditions of Hawaiian waters. The company is now building their catamarans in North Carolina. The boat-building standards of North Carolina are legend. With this combination of the reliable performance and the history of Glacier Bay with their North Carolina builders' dedication to sea keeping, durability is a natural result. Holding several world records for it's ability to handle rough sea situations, these catamarans continue to outperform other boats of a similar size. The original, tough build standards that originally made Glacier Bay boats popular in Northwest waters continue in today's designs for a quality sea-worthy boat.

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