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Gekko Sport Boats Logo 100 Cherokee Cove
Fargo, nd 58102
When I started Gekko in 1994, I knew it had to have a different flavor. The big 3 had dominating market positions so it was important to be unique and clever. Having started Moomba in 1989, it was clear that a niche position could work. Certainly, if a decent, inexpensive product with a Kangaroo on it could be successful, there was definitely room for a world class performer with a fresh twist.

Gekko's tour de force is rooted in its Zero Sacrifice philosophy. Simply stated, performance and price are not mutually exclusive and we expect our products to deliver exceptional performance. We experienced and confirmed this first hand in developing what is now our copyrighted hull design that's a world class performer but also delivers a thrilling, easy driving experience regardless of water conditions. Gekko is synonymous with performance. To that point Gekko recently pulled a World Championship event as well as a European Championship. Gekko's hull is approved by the AWSA and ABC for record capable events. It doesn't get any better.

Our REVO series is truly revolutionary. We didn't take the well worn path to develop new boats. Instead, using the latest aerospace technology we evolved new, state of the art boats that feature nearly perfect symmetry, gorgeous styling and are dripping with, "I want that" appeal. They're great in rough water, they're versatile and when loaded up, they deliver flawless wakes. If you want something extraordinary and appreciate thoughtful styling the REVOs are for you.

Gekko's essence, world class performance, focus on styling and product appeal wrapped in an aggressive pricing structure, meets with success the world over. The plan was never to steal buyers away but to appeal to those who wanted something unique and conceived by those who shared the same passions.

Recently, Gekko was merged into Fineline Industries. Fineline has been building spectacular products for over 30 years and their craftsmanship and internal infrastructure will expedite Gekko's continued growth and product focus.

Thanks to those who enjoy Gekko products. To those who've noticed Gekko but aren't yet converts, check it out and see what you're missing.

Best Regards, Mark Overbye, Gekko Founder
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