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Epic Boats Logo 680 South Pardue
Vivian, la 71082
iboats Review of Epic boats: Manufacturer of Wakeboats, Runabout Boats, Inboard Boats and Ski Boats.

Epic Boats was founded by Chris Anthony when he couldn't find a wake boat that was satisfactory. He thought that the world needed a better wake boat than what was available at the time. Chris started off wakeboarding behind a small I/O with a tiny wake and little to no holding speed. He had a little bit of hope while he was being towed behind a wakeboard boat at a Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club Tou rnament. While that style boat made a huge difference in performance, Chris still saw room for improvement. This is when he had a vision of a great opportunity in the wake boating industry. Chris started modifying different boats to try and improve them as much as possible, but had very little results. He concluded that modifying a boat wasn't the right answer; he needed to design one from the ground up.

After countless hours of research and compiling pages of data, Chris was able to build his first masterpiece in his driveway in Mira Mesa, California. In 2005, the first 23V was taken out on the water for the first test run. The new Epic wakeboard boat did exactly as Chris had designed it to do, which was to create huge wake. The Epic Boat performed flawlessly. Since then, the critics have slowly started changing their opinion of Chris's wake boat idea, and are now avid believers. Many Pro riders and different companies have jumped on the Epic band wagon and now stand behind this company.

Today, Epic Boats has several models available so that you can choose the best wake boat for your needs. They continue to build wake boats with the same drive and motivation that propelled them to the top of the wake boating industry. Epic boats is constantly looking for ways to improve on their great design. Even though Epic has a superior wake boat design, they know it is important to be constantly looking for innovative ways to make their boats even better so that they can continue to be the leaders in the wake boating industry.
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