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From the owners ...

When we started this company, our goal was to build the best cutting edge boat that we could for every single customer while offering the best fit & finish and without the high price tag. Like many of you, we did our research about the offerings in the market and years later, here we are with six distinct models covering the entire shallow water spectrum. We can also customize each model to target any style of shallow water fishin g you desire. We have been asked the same two questions over and over again: why do certain brands cost so much? Is there really a difference in the materials used? Well, yes and no, there is a difference but a lot of that difference lies in the customer's perceived value and over-inflated hype to justify the additional expense. This perception of great value and hype is a good thing for the boat builder but not such a good thing for the buyer. The truth is we actually use better materials and construction methods than most companies and we use the same vendors as others.

We have been able to keep our product's margin very low by keeping low overhead, carefully buying materials and supplies and actually being on the shop floor. We do not believe in "endorsement fees" to sell our products. Many of the guides and celebrities you see in industry magazines and on TV shows love our products and have contacted us but we simply will not pay for endorsements. All of these factors help us keep our prices low and affordable. At East Cape, all of our customers are treated like the stars that they are. Unlike other manufacturers, our designs are our own. We take pride in sharing our development process with you. Our level of in-house customization is unrivaled. We are still under the original ownership, which makes us the oldest factory-direct builder in our segment of boating. Our customer service is the best and we strive to make it better every day. Our boats are the best value in the industry. Come join us. Seeing is believing! Ever since we began sanding the first mold in a small single garage, we have put everything we have into every boat that has left this shop. Our passion runs deep for both skiff-building and shallow water fishing.

We have developed a model line-up that we are extremely proud of covering all aspects of the inshore environment and beyond. We have instilled in our employees and our customers this same passion for custom skiffs that anyone would want to own for years to come. We share friendships with our customers and take pride in the fact that they are out there on the water with us and stand behind us in making this company stronger every day. If you already own an East Cape, then you know. If you become an owner, you will learn quickly that we build the best custom skiffs to be fished and fished hard. We would like to thank all of you that have been with us for so long. Thanks also to those who have done business with us on faith, and those who have come back again and again, and those who have helped us in our efforts to become the best skiff company in the business. Our reward comes in the ongoing testimonials we receive daily and the fact that we have more sales from customers coming to us from other brands than any other manufacturer in our segment. We joke in-house that "we may be your second or third skiff but we will certainly be your last." Thank you for spending a few minutes to read what we clearly believe in. We hope you enjoy our new website, which comes after 450+ skiffs built over 7 years.

About Bay Boats

Bay Boats lengths vary from 18 . 24 ft and are typically made of fiberglass. These boats are best suited for more shallow waters near large bays, deltas, or areas near the shore. Bay Boats can carry 2 . 6 people depending on the max load and any additional gear. Some features can include rod holders, storage for fishing tackle, live wells, and Bimini(s).
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