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About Duracraft Boats

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About Duracraft Boats

In 1946, two brothers started Duracraft Boats, and between 1946 and the early 1980'S, these brothers developed Duracraft Boats to the point where it was the best aluminum boat made for the southern part of the United States.

This development included the design and perfection of various presses, jigs, and fixtures that gave Duracraft boats the unique characteristics that set them apart from others. Characteristics such as the uniform deep corrugations on all units, the reverse flared bow on the SV's, the low off-set spray on most Duracraft Boats.

The brothers died in the early 80's. The company has been sold several times and is currently owned by Steven Deese who is founder and Chairman of the board for Bentley Industries. Bentley Industries is the manufacturer of Bentley Pontoon Boats.

Our artisans use only the finest materials available world wide. The exquisite, honey colored Costa Rican teak is plantation grown and, due to the far-thinking environmental and ecological policies of this prosperous little country, will continue to be grown and grace our boats. All of the thousands of components (with the exception of the teak and smaller lead ballast castings) are sourced by our Cabo Rico head office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The four traditionally rigged sloops have full masthead, eight stay rigs and fixed keels. As such, they can be sailed in areas and conditions that lesser sloops would be wise to avoid. Many of our sloops have long cruises to their credit. Coastal cruising, Gulf of Mexico crossings, and long term Bahamas cruises are a few that are recorded. Two of the sloop models, 23 and 25, are trailerable, but these are still full-fledged cruising yachts. We did not compromise seaworthiness or comfort. Both are legally trailerable and, when fitted with the available custom trailer, can easily be taken over the road for vacation or winter storage.

Another key figure at the Hutchins Company back then was Buck Thomas. Buck was an experienced boat builder who formerly built the Southern 21. He consulted closely with Les Hutchins during the building process. Buck was the one who traveled around the country "beating the bushes" promoting and selling the boat. who moved down to Florida from the Great Lakes or the Chesapeake Bay and wanted to do a little sailing when he felt like it without having a lot of money invested in a boat. He really had no idea the boat would sell all around the country in the quantities it has.

According to Gerry Hutchins, the company's goal is to satisfy its customers with a yacht of exceptional quality and value, while making a legitimate profit. Low overhead, tight quality control standards and attention to efficiency in production and administration ensure that outcome. A solid design and realistic approach to production and marketing.
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