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About Defiance Boats

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Bremerton, wa 98312
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At Defiance Boats we don't just tell our customers we make the best boats that money can buy; We back it up with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. All of our boats are 100% wood free in the structural areas of the boat. This is why we can offer a lifetime warranty. No Wood, No Rot! Our customers catch fish! That is why we include large, insulated fish boxes on all of our Defiance Boat Models. Our Defiance designs incorporate a large reverse chine. This provides st ability at rest, while helping the boat to plane at lower speeds and get better fuel economy.

All Defiance Boats feature self bailing cockpits for your convenience and safety. Every Defiance Boat is designed with the maximum fuel capacity to allow long and safe runs offshore. Combine this with our incredible fuel efficiency and you will see why it is so common to find Defiance Customers 70 plus miles offshore. They are manufactured with space age composite materials, large reverse chines and lifting strakes to allow our boats to plane easily and run efficiently at all varying speeds. Also, Defiance Boats are foam filled to provide added safety for our customers. Most boats over 20’ in length have no foam flotation. At Defiance however, we fill every available cavity with foam so that you can be at ease out on the water.

About Center Console Boats

Center Console lengths vary from 13 . 53 ft and obtained their namesake due to the console that contains the helm being located along the centerline of the boat. Center Consoles are better adapted for offshore fishing and usually use an outboard engine. Due to the open interior of the boat it allows anglers to walk stern to bow with little to no obstacles. Some features can include T-Top Cover which can provide some protection from the elements, rod holders, and live-wells.
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