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The most innovative shallow water boat company

Over the years, Action Craft has achieved it's goals, and still continues to set new standards today by being the most innovative builder, with the finest fit and finish, and highest resale value in the industry. They began manufacturing Coastal Bay Boats in 2002

A family business founded by Paul Guard, and his parents, John and Irene Guard. Coastal Bay Boats is still owned and operated by the company's founders.

Now other members of the Guar d family have joined the family business. Today, the members of the Guard family that are involved with Coastal Bay Boats include, John and Irene Guard, Paul Guard and his wife Robin, their son John (age 14) who loves working at the boat plant as a summer job. Paul's daughter, Jennifer, has worked for many years at Action Craft, and is now active in the marketing department, and manages the annual Action Craft Owner's Fishing Tournament. Ron and Brenda Horton have contributed much to the company for many years, own stock in the company, and although not directly related are considered part of the family.1981 A New Company Is Started by the Guard family. 1983 No-Wood Core Materials First Used
Structural PVC foam core sandwich construction was introduced, increasing strength, and reducing weight. In 2002 New Coastal Bay Boats Series Introduced Introduction of the new 2110 Coastal Bay model in January 2002, the first of our new Coastline "Coastal Bay" series boats. The 1910 model followed in September of 2002.
2003 The 2310 Coastal Bay boat hit the market in September of 2003

~ Dry and Quiet Fishing Comfort

There are some Flats boats made that keep you dry in rough water, and there are some that are quiet when stalking fish on the flats, but not many that do both. The solution to this problem was the creation of Action Craft's patented Qui-Dry hull design.

Our design incorporates an transitional chine at the bow water line, allowing an increased angle for water to roll off the hull, rather than slap. This reduces the noise that spooks fish. A built-in spray rail above the water line, and our modified running strakes on the bottom of the hull, decrease the wetted surface of the boat. This feature directs water away in a manner that produces a sheet, rather than a spray, of water. This yields a much dryer and more comfortable ride when running through choppy coastal waters

As you can see QuiDry is not a marketing ploy designed to sell boats, it is a real innovation that gives an Action Craft a real world edge over the competition.

The Coastal Bay Boat series has raised the standards for bay boats. A practical solution to shallow water access, and the ability to tame open water. Built using the same patented Qui-Dry hull with Pocket Drive design that Action Craft is famous for, this bay boat will give you a comfortable, dry ride in coastal open waters, and will get you through skinny waters with ease. With features like lockable rod storage, insulated fish box, abundant cushioned seating, and wide beam stability, it's perfect for hard core fishing action, or taking the family on a weekend, sunset cruise. A Coastal Bay Boat gets you where the fish are hiding, in waters that others wouldn't dare go!
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