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About Champion Boats

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Draper, ag 84020
Champion Boats: Bred to Dominate

Champion Boats rough water performance is legendary – ask any knowledgeable angler. Even our competitors agree that Champion Boats has one of the best handling, smoothest riding, sharpest turning hulls built. What makes Champion Boats different? The answer is our proprietary V-Wing™ hull design. These exceptional hulls are the result of over 32 years of development backed by continuous tournament angler testing.

Each strake and chine is hydro-dynamically pl otted using CAD architecture and strategically positioned to perform its intended task. Located at the farthest stern point, the unique V-Pad provides the main running surface for all-out performance and lift. Next up is the secondary pad that adds stability, followed by a series of precisely engineered running chines designed to make all Champion Boats carve straight and true, and turn on a dime. These are super-tuned, high-performance hulls that are equally at home running in four foot seas or floating in a few inches of water.

They’re designed especially for long, fast runs to those far off fishing grounds, and run quietly without fatiguing hull slap. We started with our legendary V-Wing™ hull design, blueprinted the forming mold, and fine tuned the running surfaces for even quicker hole shots and faster top end speeds.

We also gave these revolutionary hulls stronger lift to run drier. The result is a new generation of Champion Boats designed for maximum performance. An advanced breed that will run with any inshore boat on the water. A superb blend of legendary ride and handling, with a heavy dose of adrenaline, from the Performance Works at Champion Boats.


Every mold is CAD engineered, literally blueprinted, to exacting specifications…for 100% precision. If you prepped and waxed your vehicle like we do our molds you’d never take it out of the garage.

All materials are chemically tested “every day” to ensure that they maintain our precise specs. No Limits!

We use only heavy-duty, stitched fiberglass cloth. We alternate layers of fiberglass with woven fiberglass and mat for a total of 10 layers then cover it with composite core material and additional three layers of fiberglass. Extreme? Not for Champion Boats.

Their flawless finish ensures Champion Boats diamond-luster gel coat. A piece of art, our hulls are meticulously hand-laid using only the finest polyester gel coats and resins.

What makes our construction process different? At Champion Boats we’re fanatical about the precision. Nowhere is that fanaticism more evident than in the preparation of our hull forming molds. They’re perfection personified.

Our fiberglass stringers are also CAD engineered to correctly dissipate all internal forces. Bonded directly to the hull, they can’t come apart. We back all screw and fastener points with a lock-tight type bi-axial material. We meticulously add additional layered lamination and support materials at every possible stress point.

All wiring is run through polyvinyl chloride rigging tubes for absolute precision. Then the deck is bonded to the hull and stringers for a solid unit-body, one-piece construction. We measure all materials, weight and test the final hull to ensure that it meets our strict criteria to deliver maximum performance and dependability.

Champion Boats aren’t just on the cutting edge of precision. It is the cutting edge.


Everyone says they have it. Some even say they invented it. We simply say we’ve been perfecting it for over 32 years. With thousands of Champion Boats fishing thousands of hours, while running thousands of miles, yes we’ve learned a thing or two about fishability. That’s why most Champion Boats are wider at the bow.

More room for you and your buddy, because the fish always seem to end up at the pointy end. We know you want massive storage to take along all the gear you own. It’s also why we have state-of-the-art, aerated livewells & baitwells with sealed lids.

Why we ergonomically design every square inch of the boat that you step on, lean on, or sit on. Why we included a lighted baitwell. We know that little things matter. A lot! Like freedom to move around. Unobstructed gear access and storage. Maximum comfort whether you’re running flat out in rough water or casting from sun up til’ sun down. It’s why we include abundant rod holders.

Built-in coolers for refreshments. Extra-large fish boxes with drains. Integrated tackle boxes. Sure the other guys have some of the same stuff. But….what they don’t have is Champion Boats V-Wing™ hull that let’s you keep fishing while others are turning tail. If you can’t stay out there, it’s not really great fishability, now is it?


Unlike most boats, you don’t buy a Champion Boat off the shelf in just a few color choices. You’re not stuck with an engine brand you don’t want. A trolling motor or electronics package that doesn’t match your specific fishing requirements. Or some fits-all fish seat. No these are totally personalized custom packages with your own unique signature. In fact, many Champion Boat owners think of us as a custom shop.

That’s because we actually are. It starts with your choice of performance. Factory-rigged outboards include models of Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude and Suzuki in both 2 & 4 stroke configurations. Most every model of Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors are available. And, for pure envy-producing custom-styling we offer 58 base colors available in different hues and literally hundreds of striping color combinations. Color customization includes hull, seats and instrument bezels. At Champion Boats we custom-build your boat to your specifications.

About Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Multi-species Boats range from 17 . 23 ft long and hulls are available in aluminum and fiberglass. These boats are often known as walleye or musky boats. They have a higher freeboard, height of a ship's side between the waterline and deck, and deep V-hull helps this boat to navigate through rough, deep waters.
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