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About Century Boats

Century Boats Logo 40047 County Rd. 54 East
Zephyrhills, fl 33540
iboats Review of Century Boats: Manufacturer of Fishing Boats

Century Boats has been satisfying customers for over 80 years while successfully moving forward with the changing times and styles. Century Boats primarily sells fishing boats that vary in size and design all of which accommodate the needs of those who love to go cruising and fishing with friends and family. Every model is built with different features, but they are all constructed with composite materials that will prolong the life of the boat. In order to prevent rotting and decay, the manufacturers avoid using any form of wood when building their boats. Before releasing their products, Century runs several tests on their boats to verify that they are secure and have the best performance possible. By using these methods, Century Boats succeeds in creating boats that are safe and unique all at the same time. These fishing boats are undoubtedly one of the best in the nation; customers are never disappointed when investing in one.

There are many advantages and perks when purchasing a Century fishing boat. Every boat comes with a practical and desirable warranty, which includes a 10 year warranty on the overall structure of the boat, a 3 year warranty on electrical, fuel, and steering components, among several other substances, and a 1 year warranty on the gel coat. Nobody can argue with a warranty that covers all of the aspects that are required to make the boat last longer. Additionally, Century Boats installs the most advanced electronics and navigation systems into their boats themselves. Among these included electronics is the E-box, which will allow boaters and passengers to plug in iPods and listen to music as they sail across the water. These fishing boats incorporate any modern convenience, making them one of the most coveted boats in the boating industry. Century Boats is attentive and diligent in ensuring that their customers are ultimately happy with what they see.

Along with all of the standard features, Century makes plenty of room for added comfort on the boat, specifically with the Express model. There are built-in storage compartments allowing space for fishing equipment and other tools. There are also cubbyholes where fishermen can easily keep any fish they catch, with enough space for ice. Furthermore, the Express fishing boats include interior cabin space that is fully furnished with plumbing, cabinets, furniture, etc. Century adds these features to their boats in order to create a living home environment that can be taken anywhere on the water, where people can comfortably enjoy their experience on their fishing boat even more.

Century Boats works harder than most boat manufacturers in the business to please their customers and treat them as a part of the family. For a person who loves boating, purchasing a fishing boat from Century would be one of the best decisions they ever make. The design and set up of these boats is simple yet sophisticated, and suits all of the requirements one would need in a fishing boat. Century Boats goes out of their way to add extra things that are desired on a boat, but not required. Manufacturers at Century Boats are honest, reliable, and generous with their customers. If you are looking to buy a boat, consider a boat from Century—you will not regret it.

About Walkaround Boats

Walkaround boats are usually 20 . 30 ft long and are a blend of small cuddy cabins and/or a center console. They are powered by stern drive, outboard, or inboard engines. Usually their hulls are made of fiberglass and have storage to accommodate any anglers.
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