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Carolina Cat Boats Logo 1090 West Saint James St.
Tarboro, nc 27886 Review of Carolina Cat boats: Manufacturer of Carolina Cat Center Console Catamaran boats.

Tarboro, North Carolina (NC) is home to the Carolina Cat Line of PowerCat Group. PowerCat is the largest manufacturer of power catamarans in the world. Check any body of water and you are likely to see some Carolina Cats. Come and visit their Carolina Cat Catamaran line and manufacturing process at their 140,000 square foot facility to see how they make their boats. New boats are their busines s and they display their creative process to produce the world's finest catamaran boats. Carolina Cats use a high standard of manufacturing to make your offshore boating experience more enjoyable.

There are many advantages to the Carolina Cat. Catamarans are more buoyant in the bow than traditional single hull boats. Once the proper trim is learned you will already almost be an expert of your new boat. Most Carolina Cat owners say that it is difficult to go back to a monohull boat after experiencing the twin hull of the catamaran. Handling a catamaran is a unique skill that most boaters want to keep after learning how to do it. They love the feel of the catamaran and want to stay with it. The twin hull design makes the catamaran superior in rough seas and the twin hulls help to cut through the waves. This creates offshore fishing at its best. Offshore fishermen have trusted the twin hull design to help them get through the big seas for many years. Even trailering can be a smoother experience with a catamaran since the tracking pad on the trailer helps as you load and unload the boat. The twin hulls become another advantage as there is less resistance for air flow, making both trailering and being on the water more fuel-efficient.

Carolina Cat is the PowerCat Group's newest line of offshore boats. They are a great boat to have to explore the world of power catamarans at a great value. This Carolina Cat is good looking and also offers more speed. It features a planing hull that has a flatter V-bottom, which helps to bring on maximum speed and power. Even with the flatter surface, the catamaran is still smoother than a mono-hull boat. This is your fishing boat in its purest form, tough and good looking with a fishing platform at a wonderful value. Both dual and center console options are available. The incredible ride of a Carolina Cat will make you feel like you are in a much larger boat than the 18ft to 23 ft Cats they offer. If you are looking for a boat that will let you venture offshore to fish with the convenience of a smaller boat and a great value, then the Carolina Cat is your new boat.
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