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Campion Boats Logo 200 Campion Street
Kelowna, bc V1X 7S8
iboats Review of Campion Boats: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Cruiser Boats

Campion Boats headquarters currently resides in Canada, building fiberglass cruiser boats for over three decades. Campion manufacturers apply efficient scientific methods to construct strong and safe boats that will perform well and last for several years. Combining 3D weave fiberglass materials with Fiberglass Integrated Stringer Technology (F.I.S.T.) creates a cruiser boat with greater performance and durability. The 3D weave fiberglass requires less resin, making the hull strong but light in weight. Simultaneously, the F.I.S.T. stringer system increases speed capacity and improves fuel efficiency, directly connecting the bulkheads and floors to the stringer system. Additionally, the high pressure zones on the hull are expanded, which causes the cruiser to plane faster and grants the captain more steering and speed control. All of these methods joined together contribute to the overall superior performance of a Campion cruiser.

Apart from being solid in structure and mechanically sound, Campion cruisers have many cosmetic and electrical advantages. Certain models include windshields that allow space for fishing, as well as floor storage to keep fishing rods and other tools. Each Campion model is installed with stainless steel hardware and rails, as well as LED dock and navigation lighting. Certain models, such as the Hase series, include integrated extended wakeboard towers and integrated extended swim platforms with a telescoping ladder. Some optional features that can be added include electronic fish finders, GPS navigation, livewells, etc. Most of these Campion cruisers also offer Sunbrella boat cover options, designed specifically for traveling or mooring and storage.

Campion fiberglass cruisers have a complete advantage on the water thanks to the original hull and stringer system designs. Although each model has a different exterior look, they all fulfill the same purpose: providing boaters with confidence and reassurance that a Campion cruiser is one of the safest and most reliable products in the boating industry today. These boats are easy to control and require very little maintenance, guaranteeing each model a longer life expectancy. Campion manufacturers care about the well-being of those who are interested in their cruisers, driving them to put more effort into their work. Those who love to go boating and own a Campion cruiser will not be disappointed.

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