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Bellingham, wa 98225 Review of C-Dory Boats: Manufacturer of C-Dory Pilothouse Boats, Pilothouse Catamaran boats and Pilothouse Cruiser Boats

C-Dory Pilothouse boats are manufactured in Ferndale, Washington(WA) and are a part of the Triton Marine Industries. For over 30 years, C-Dory has been making new boats that take their customers where they need to go. Whether your destination is to waterfront communities, your favorite spots to fish, waterways not often visited or to reefs for diving expeditions, C-Dory has you covered. Using a construction method and lay-up schedule exceeding the standards of other dory-type boats, C-Dory provides a practical and simple style that handles rough seas and hard use. These boats are built to last. The C-Dory is a modern style of a flat bottom boat accompanied by high flaring sides with a "v" at the bow which works well in rougher waters.

As you take the time to select the right new boat model for you, consider these features of the C-Dory boats to help you make your decision. C-Dory pilothouse boats have great fuel economy, spacing related to the pilothouse size and floor plan, great style, strong construction and speed. There are a few styles of boats in the pilothouse series that C-Dory offers, such as the Classic, Venture and Catamaran. You can choose the style that will take you where you want to go and in the style that expresses you. You can choose the boat that fits your boating preference, whether it be for diving, fishing or cruising.

Cruiser Pilothouse models provide an expanded cabin for enjoyable cruising. C-Dory uses materials that ensure the cruiser will keep up with the latest in technology. The longer length pilothouses offer more in the kitchen and head areas. The 22ft Cruiser is planned and manufactured to be seaworthy and economical to operate. The Angler Pilothouse models offer a spacious aft cockpit to give sportsmen adequate room for their gear and a flatter hull toward the stern that levels out the rolling motions making your rough water ride more pleasant. The TomCat catamaran is a stand alone offshore pilothouse boat that is stable enough to cover all the bases, whether it is to fish to your hearts content, diving to explore the underwater world, and cruise in the deep waters while still having the speed and handling you have come to expect from C-Dory. The 5-year hull warranty is the bonus feature.

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