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About Buster Boats

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Hemnesberget, intl 8640 review of Buster Boats: Manufacturer of Buster Dual Console Boats, Motor Boats, Fishing Boats, Center Consoles and Aluminum Boats.

With over 35 years under their belt Buster Boats has been a leader in building aluminum boats through an uncompromising pursuit of durability, practicality, and first-class seaworthiness. With a impressive range of versatile models to choose from for your needs Buster is the largest manufacturer of aluminum boats in Europe. Through unrelenting dedication they have designed an aluminum hull that can tolerate extreme temperatures and weather on the sea; ensuring it's longevity in the face of bottom contact, scratches, and shocks.

Over sized stiffeners in this hull gives it a sturdier handling while keeping the frame light and exceptionally tough. A rigid transom will allow the Buster boat owner to use a powerful engine to get where they need to go through rough seas. And the ride on one of these aluminum is a silent and enjoyable one thanks to Busters soundproofing techniques when installing the hull. Easy to maintain all you need is to wash the seawater off with fresh water and keep the hull clean and keep it in good standing to last for decades.

Being a pioneer in sea-wrothy aluminum boats Buster has also kept in mind their environmental responsibility using recycled material to build their boats. And more than 90% of the boat can be re-used as aluminum and plastic recyclables. Ever since the summer of 1976 Buster has become Europe's largest manufacturer of aluminum boats and has even been used to sail around Norway's North Cape from the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic.

About Walkaround Boats

Walkaround boats are usually 20 . 30 ft long and are a blend of small cuddy cabins and/or a center console. They are powered by stern drive, outboard, or inboard engines. Usually their hulls are made of fiberglass and have storage to accommodate any anglers.
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