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About Blackfin Boats

Blackfin Boats Logo 1579 SW 18th Street
Williston, fl 32696 Review of Blackfin Boats:

Blackfin Boats' fufills the desire to create a legendary brand heritage while holding onto their desire and drive to contruct top of the line boats. Altogether there is over 30 years of quality building experience.

About Center Console Boats

Center Console lengths vary from 13 . 53 ft and obtained their namesake due to the console that contains the helm being located along the centerline of the boat. Center Consoles are better adapted for offshore fishing and usually use an outboard engine. Due to the open interior of the boat it allows anglers to walk stern to bow with little to no obstacles. Some features can include T-Top Cover which can provide some protection from the elements, rod holders, and live-wells.
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