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Atlantic Motors Yachts Logo 170 West Election Rd
Draper, ut 84020
iboats Review of Atlantic Motor Yachts : Manufacturer of Atlantic Motor Yachts Power Yachts

Atlantic Motor Yachts have nailed cutting-edge technology! They are pleased to announce their newest creation: a high-performance zero-carbon 18 meter cabin cruiser with a top speed of 50 knots. This is incredible for the boating industry. Atlantic Motor Yachts takes the newest technology and applies it to the boating industry to make elite products.

There is nothing else out there quite like Atlant ic Yachts. The power yacht uses solar panels to charge up to 30 kws per day. It can run at 50 knots with a 50% reduction in CO2 and fuel consumption. This yacht comes with jets instead of propellers- it is much safer and will use less fuel than boats of the same size with propellers. Atlantic Motor Yachts is the way to go if you're looking for outstanding quality and an environmentally-friendly product.

Atlantic's motor yachts are beautifully designed. The interior is incredibly luxurious and full of fine-details. This company has intense quality monitoring during every stage of production, from laying the keel to tightening the last screw. The spacious layout inside the motor yacht is space efficient. It's perfect for socializing, it has plenty of storage to keep items out of sight, and the entire space provides spectacular comfort. Check out this world-wide leader in boating: Atlantic Motor Yachts.
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