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About Arima Boats

Arima Boats Logo 7510 Bree Dr
Bremerton, wa 98312
iboats Review of Arima Boats: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Fishing Boats.

Arima Boats have been in business since 1981, manufacturing fiberglass fishing boats that range between 15 and 22 feet in length. Each fishing boat is built with a foam injected stringer system, and is additionally foam injected throughout various areas of the boat for extra flotation. Once the inner liner is inserted, foam is inserted in between the outer and inner linings of the hand-laid hull. The primary focus at Arima is to build fishing boats that are strong and safe; this goal is accomplished through injecting the boat with more flotation foam and great attention to all other details. The construction process at Arima is extensive and efficient and manufacturers don't release anything until they are sure that their fishing boats will perform safely and at the best possible speeds.

The fiberglass stringer system greatly contributes to the success of an Arima fishing boat, along with other unique built-in features. One of these features includes pods built into the transom, which allows the boat to plane faster and at lower speeds—the minimum speed to get the boat to plane 15 MPH on every model. The extended transoms also adds to faster planing, while simultaneously making the overall structure more stable and making the ride on the water straighter and more controllable. Combining these features with the fiberglass stringer system and foam flotation, the captain will have more freedom behind the helm, granting more access in shallow waters. Arima fishing boats will perform well in any condition, in both fresh and salt water environments. Fishing boats under 17 feet will also fit well in a standard garage or other forms of indoor storage. Safety is also enforced even further at Arima with deeper cockpits and deck space, reassuring passengers with the sense of security.

Arima fishing boats are not built exclusively for fishing. Some of the larger models are built with cuddy cabins and porta pottis, while most of the other models are designed for various water sport activities, such as skiing and tubing. There is plenty of built-in storage space for fishing rods and tools, as well as factory-installed fishing rod holders on various areas of the boat. These vessels are perfect for any number of other activities, providing fun and excitement for boaters of all ages. The fiberglass layout of an Arima fishing boat, along with the spacious deck space, makes these boats one of the most reliable and fascinating machines on the water today. Boaters who are looking to invest in a fishing boat with all of the necessary requirements will likely consider an Arima boat.

About Pilot House Boats

Pilot House Boats feature a fully enclosed cockpit with large windows and are built to ride rough seas while allowing the passengers to stay dry. These boats can be powered by outboards, stern drives, or inboard. Pilot Houses are popular for many types of fishing and cruising.
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