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Alumaweld Boats Logo 1601 Avenue F
White City, or 97503
iboats reviews Alumaweld: Manufacturers of Alumaweld Sport Boats, Aluminum Boats, Fishing Boats and MultiSpecies Boats.

The year 1971 marks the opening of Alumaweld Boats in White City, Oregan(OR). Alumaweld is known for quality aluminum boats that are characterized by the heavy gauge aluminum. Precision cutting of parts and the preformed specialized extrusions of the keel, gunnel and chine help to match up better for a stronger enduring new boat. Alumaweld has created jigs to insure pla cement will fit together on the complete framework with windshield. Precise construction is a matter of pride at Alumaweld as their engineers carefully work each step from beginning to the end of the aluminum welding process. The design of the aluminum fishing boats helps to create a nimble handling thus enhancing the boating experience.

The placement and strength of the strakes on the bottom will fine tune the overall performance of the sport boats. The aluminum strakes are designed to provide lift and are welded the full length. These specialized strakes by Alumaweld refine the tracking qualities so that you can troll and back troll in a drift free path with ease. Alumaweld boats are know for it dry ride, the bow shape and chine help to knock the water down so that it is pushed away from entering the boat. The windshields are placed so that a panorama view is available.

Alumaweld offers several angles of aluminum bottom v hulls to fit your desired specifications from shall vee the full vee. Alumaweld's innovative 6 and 10 degree shallow vee are stable, plane easily and gives great control for trolling. The full vee is great for open waters as it cuts well through rough water by smoothing out the sport boat ride. The full bottom vee turns the best of the different vee bottom options. Last but not least is the shallow water aluminum bottom that rides over the ripples and in shallow spots more efficiently.

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