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About Aloha Pontoon Boats

Aloha Pontoon Boats Logo 3700 Crutcher Street
North Little Rock, ar 72118
iboats Review of Aloha Boats: Manufacturer of Aluminum Pontoon Boats

Aloha Pontoons began taking the boating world by storm in 1960. Aloha applies several different construction techniques that contributes to the successful performance and quality of these aluminum pontoons. There are two main pontoon series at Aloha ranging between about 17 and 29 feet in length; these series are known as Tropical and Paradise. These vessels are perfect for large groups of boaters who love to go cruising, or would prefer to simply camp out in the water. The open deck space and comfortable seating arrangements allow passengers to feel right at home, and the strong hull/structure reassures people that they are completely safe and secure. Aloha pontoons have a lifetime warranty that covers all of the hand-welded frames and hull work, as well as the deck, transoms, and cross-member structures.

The previously mentioned construction techniques that are used at Aloha are advanced and effective, to say the least. The aluminum twin tubes create a smoother ride and make steering and navigating much easier for the captain behind the helm. Additionally, Aloha uses Triple Tunnel technology, adding more lift and strength to the structure and enhancing the overall performance. Each pontoon undergoes a grueling, extensive designing and building process, which includes double-welding the aluminum hull/tubes and framework to ensure durability and strength. Furthermore, Aloha puts extra reinforcement and power into the nosecone keel and the Aluminum U channel cross-members of their pontoons.

There are many useful features in these pontoons that are installed directly by Aloha. Cosmetically speaking, each model includes high quality carpeting, marine vinyls with UV protection, storage underneath the seating, large bimini tops, etc. There are many other components that pontoon owners can have installed by Aloha that improve the overall quality, such as navigation lighting, safety gates, hydraulic steering, and so on. Aloha pontoons are undoubtedly excellent in quality, containing a reasonable lifetime warranty that reassures pontoon owners nationwide that Aloha takes everything into consideration and strives to accommodate every need and standard. Families and friends of all ages and quantities will have many memorable afternoons aboard these reliable vessels.

About Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Multi-species Boats range from 17 . 23 ft long and hulls are available in aluminum and fiberglass. These boats are often known as walleye or musky boats. They have a higher freeboard, height of a ship's side between the waterline and deck, and deep V-hull helps this boat to navigate through rough, deep waters.
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