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Allmand Boats Logo 170 W. Election Rd
Draper, ut 84020
iboats Review of Allmand Boats: Manufacturer of Allmand Fiberglass Boats and Yachts

Allmand Boats is a family owned business that was established by John Allmand in 1965. Allmand is well known for manufacturing several different styles of fiberglass boats such as cabin cruisers, inflatables, fishing boats, sport boats, luxury yachts, and so on. Each model undergoes an extensive molding process and is built with the same high quality fiberglass material. The various vessels range between 16 and 34 feet in length and are built with many advantages and features that cater to the different styles and purposes. Allmand strives to build a wide variety of boat styles that will appeal to every kind of boater, whether it is the fisherman or the sportsman, or boaters who simply love to cruise across the water.

Allmand includes many useful features on their boats, depending on the style. Some of these features consist of T-tops, stainless steel hardware and hand rails, rod holders, wakeboard towers, etc. Most of these fiberglass boats are built with single or twin outboard engines, and can be constructed with opened or closed bows. There is plenty of space to move around with every Allmand boat, including the smaller fiberglass models and the inflatables. Furthermore, there is plenty of space to store tools, maps, and other accessories. Allmand takes every detail into consideration in order to build a classy, reliable vessel that will last for several years.

Thanks to all of the different makes and models, possibilities are limitless at Allmand Boats. While many boat manufacturers build exclusively one style, Allmand chooses to expand their resources and vision by building several styles of fiberglass boats. This appeals to boaters of all ages and gives them every available option. The overall quality, performance, and durability of an Allmand fiberglass boat is superior to many boats of its kind and will not fail to impress boaters nationwide.

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