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Air Rider Boats Logo 32 James Bay Junction Road
Seguin, on P2A 0B2
iboats Review of Air Rider Boats: Manufacturer of Air Rider Marine Hovercrafts.

Air Rider Boats has been manufacturing unique hovercraft vessels for over forty years; the main headquarters are currently located in Ontario, Canada. Air Rider uses a rare form of construction and technology to construct a marine hovercraft that surpasses any vessel of its kind. Air Rider hovercrafts have uncommon hull designs that are made with materials that are most commonly seen in inflatable boats, specifical ly rescue boats. Simultaneously, Air Rider builds their marine hovercrafts with a hybrid skirt system, which is the main component that allows the boat to hover above the water. This skirt is a combination of two skirt systems: the loop and the segment skirts. This is what allows these vessels to perform and stabilize so well on the water. Air Rider boats are known for their superior stability and comfort, reassuring captains and passengers that, even though the idea of a marine hovercraft might be considered somewhat more futuristic than current, these boats are reliable, safe, and great in quality.

Air Rider hovercrafts are designed so that the captain will feel completely safe and confident behind the helm. These boats are built with helms that are seen on any other style of boat, unlike most hovercrafts that are built with joysticks. However, those who invest in an Air rider boat will find that a grace period of training is often required in order to adjust performance of the propeller, which has a forward and reverse pitch performance. Once this experience is acquired, captains will find that they are in complete control and that an Air Rider hovercraft is not difficult to manage. On top of all of this, Air Rider hovercrafts are designed to accommodate the passenger's walk around space and overall comfort.

Air Rider marine hovercrafts are undoubtedly one of the more unique vessel designs in the boating industry today. Those who enjoy boating in general will appreciate the unusual and exciting appeal of an Air Rider boat. Captains and passengers of all ages will feel secure and at home when stepping aboard one of these boats. They are safe and easy to control, and have a creative physical appeal that boaters cannot ignore. Families and friends will enjoy many fun-filled vacations with the assistance of an Air Rider hovercraft.
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