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About AB Inflatable Boats

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After 40 plus years of manufacturing tough and seaworthy inflatables AB Inflatables has distinguished themselves from the competition. With superior construction, innovative designing and a history of outstanding customer satisfaction they are the brand that many around the world have come to trust. Choosing to stay away from mass production AB Inflatables has teams handcraft all of their seawort hy inflatable fiberglass and aluminum hull boats.

A name trusted world wide and used by several different elite armed forces as well as several American charter companies. Painstakingly inspecting every part of the manufacturing process the builders for AB Inflatables ensure that you will get the ultimate in quality for your inflatable boat. In fact the entire process of manufacturing these seaworthy inflatables from the fabrication of the tubes to the fiberglass and aluminum hulls, is all done under one roof.

With a ten year warranty on your AB Inflatable boat you can cruise around the open sea with confidence, whether it's ship to shore, or as a main boat for cruising around in-shore. And with AB's tubes you'll be able to handle a larger load capacity with more stability and comfort than with a traditional style of fiberglass or aluminum boat. Designed to get on plane faster with less horsepower will still getting a superior performance and top-end speeds the lightweight AB inflatable is a boat that will get you what you need with less storage space then not in use.

About RIB Boats

RIB otherwise known as a Rigid Inflatable Boat can have a aluminum or fiberglass hull that is attached to to an inflatable outer tubes. RIBs can be propelled by using an paddle or and outboard motor. These boats are known to carry more weight and to be faster opposed to soft floor/deck inflatable boats.
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