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A Hull of its Own.

The INVINCIBLE open fisherman is in a class by itself. Designed to be fished hard and handles a long distance run in rough conditions without giving up comfort. Each INVINCIBLE is constructed with the finest grade materials with each individual inch, from stem to stern, constructed to keep it balanced and efficient. The unique hull was designed by renowned naval architect, Michael Peters, giving it a one of a kind stepped layout. The steps create a remarkable air fed tunnel providing a better ride and increased speed over any other conventional hull. Invincible's stepped hull is the only patented stepped hull on the market. Invincible's stepped hull has over 900 hours of testing, more than all stepped hulls of the competition combined. Invincible Boats have won every Government and Military contract it has submitted for approval, it has never been beaten for a contract.

~Commitment to Detail.

Our commitment to every detail provides the strongest, yet lightest boat possible. With the INVINCIBLE, you get consoles that have the ability to handle an array of electronics including two 15" screens. Our consoles are designed to let the electronics cover panel slide away when not in use. Fumbling with the plexiglass and salt-water spray on your electronics will become an irritation of the past. The deck layout is a fisherman's dream. There are two insulated fish boxes in the rear that can hold multiple 60lb. kingfish or wahoos without bending their tails. The boat has two more giant fish boxes in the bow with an optional insulated coffin box. The deck has been raised to fight fish around the bow with ease. The entire cap of the boat has a diamond non-skid surface, the most durable and easy to clean finish. The INVINCIBLE continues to raise the standard of the quality open fisherman.

~Assembling Stability.

All plugs and molds for the boat are made by Marine Concepts using a state of the art five axis computerized router and cutting machines, guaranteeing a fit and finish that is unsurpassed. Each section of the boat is assembled with tolerances of less than half an inch and the entire stringer system is secured to the liner using WELD-ON.

The deck and liner are also bonded using methacrylate adhesive. The skeletal frame is a molded grid stringer system; giving the boat increased strength as the bulkheads and stringers become one in severable
unit. The assemblage is then tapered to create even more stability.
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