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About Achilles Inflatable Boats

Achilles Inflatable Boats Logo 170 W. Election Rd
Draper, ut 84020
iboats Review of Achilles Boats: Manufacturer of Inflatable Boats

Achilles Inflatables was originally established in 1947 in Japan, and American headquarters were formed later in 1973. Achilles inflatables are constructed with tough, multi-layered fabrics that are glued together by hand and are proven to last for a long time. These layers are broken into three main sections, starting with inner layer, which consists of chloroprene components, improving air preservation. On top of the inner lay er is the middle layer, which is made with strong nylon polyester materials. Lastly, the outermost and strongest material is made with chlorosulphonated polyethylene materials (CSM), a rubber compound that makes the outer coating tougher and less likely to tear. Achilles inflatables are one of the strongest, most reliable inflatable vessels on the water today, providing fun and excitement for the whole family.

Achilles inflatables range in size and depth, and usually seat an average of four passengers. These inflatables also have a 5 year warranty on fabric and seams, as well as a good list of built-in accessories and features. Each model includes aluminum oars that come with oar holders and a fold-down locking oar system. Additionally, the floorspace is hinged and made with wooden components with the added option of a removable wood rowing seat. For extra safety measure, Achilles also includes life lines and maintenance kits, along with carry handles and a carry bag for easy transportation and maneuverability. Basically, Achilles inflatables are both strong and versatile in design, as well as convenient for competitive boaters and rafters.

Achilles inflatables are built to hold between two and eighteen passengers, depending on the model. These boats are the perfect vessel for entertaining any number of boaters who love to feel the rush of river rafting. Achilles considers everything when building their inflatables, accepting nothing less than the best performing and most durable boats possible. Many people who own Achilles inflatables would agree that these vessels are reliable, safe, and, above all, exciting.

About RIB Boats

RIB otherwise known as a Rigid Inflatable Boat can have a aluminum or fiberglass hull that is attached to to an inflatable outer tubes. RIBs can be propelled by using an paddle or and outboard motor. These boats are known to carry more weight and to be faster opposed to soft floor/deck inflatable boats.
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